From the Kitchens of Emu Bottom
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From Our Kitchens is a collection of our favourite Australian-style recipes using our very own Emu Bottom ANZAC biscuits with Wattleseed. We have developed and written these recipes in our kitchens especially for your kitchen and enjoyment.

Whether you are an executive chef or just a passionate cook, we hope that these simple quintessentially Australian recipes will inspire you.

Each of these recipes utilise our unique Emu Bottom ANZAC Biscuits with Wattleseed to create that truly Australian taste.

If you have any other favourite recipes that use our Emu Bottom ANZAC biscuits with Wattleseed and you would like to share them, email us at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for the chance to have yours published on our website.

Tips | Hints

If you are entertaining guests visiting Australia, why not spoil them to a homemade treat using our Emu Bottom ANZAC Biscuits with Wattleseed – what a great talking point!

You can share our uniquely Australian stories of the symbolism of the ANZAC biscuit to Australians, Wattleseed an Indigenous ingredient, Emu Bottom Homestead – Victoria’s Oldest Homestead, the foundations of Melbourne and of course that in Australia our cookies are called biscuits!! All of the details on each of these topics are enclosed within this website.

A true Taste of Australia.


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