Introducing our Anzac Centenary Collectors Tin. 

The Anzac Biscuit endures as a reminder of the love reserved for the men and women of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps by their cherished friends and family back home. Baked in the Australian tradition of simple home cooking, Anzac biscuits were shipped to thankful Anzacs on the front lines or wherever they served in The Great War. To this day, the iconic Anzac Biscuit remains a favourite Australian treat. Building on this great Australian tradition, Emu Bottom Anzac Biscuits are enhanced with the addition of the nutty flavour of Australian Wattleseed.

Wattleseed, harvested by hand from native Australian Wattle trees is a traditional
Australian bush food prized by Australia's indigenous peoples, aware of it's nutritional value.


To commemorate 100 years of the Australian Anzac tradition, Emu Bottom have made this beautiful keepsake tin. 
Filled with our signature wattleseed Anzac biscuits it makes a great gift.